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Hamletmachine & Postmodern Theatric Space 

In this design for a postmodern theater, I converted the traditional form of watching the drama with a fixed position and direction for spectators. Conversely, people own their passageways around the different sceneries to choose and change their seats freely while the show is playing.

However, it's not the same type as traditional immersive theater. I set a subtle boundary between the performers and the spectators. Viewers don't need to force themselves to chase after the actors or to join an intense interactive performance. They could enjoy a drama much more comfortable with this boundary, especially for the older or the disabled people.

Concept & inspiration

To represent this theater’s characteristic, I chose a postmodernist drama written in 1977 named Hamletmachine.

According to the screenplay, I divided five acts into eight different scenes. Each of the scenery has particular spectators' passageways surrounding it. People could experience the protagonist’s emotion by the plot and the rise and fall of every aisle, the stairs’ density, and even each turning in the theater.

Theater evolution

Circulation - scene collage

Circulation - architectural passage

               Floor Plan (Height on different visitor’s positions)

Perspective view of eight scenes

Physical models