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In our modern society, there is a phenomenon that people usually refused to admit they are driven by desire and use many pretexts to conceal the truth.

So that in this project, I designed an installation art with 25 huge pipes representing 25 evil human natures. When the visitors notice and are interested in these pipes, they may walk through into the interior space to explore this construction. On this occasion, they are already immersed in the desire which the pipe represented.

contradiction            delusion             deceit           greed        hypocrisy

caprice                  sloth      reluctance       isolation           fragility

complexity                   envy             vanity           snatch             blame

selfish            boredom                lust        sophistry     mediocrity

twist        melancholy            enmity         arbitrary         censure

----25 negative emotions


     25 Pipes Plans

      25 Pipes Sections

25 Pipes Axonometric View

Perspective view - Vanity

Perspective view - Sloth

Physical models